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November 12, 2012 -  4:14 pm

You may have heard about the controversy surrounding Kitsap County’s proposed Shoreline Management Master Program and its language regarding Port Gamble

The new language assures that Port Gamble can be developed in accordance with the zoning regulations adopted in 2000 by Kitsap County.  It does not expand development rights for the town beyond what is allowed now by law.

To help put the scale in perspective, consider this: the town of Port Gamble is two percent the size of the 7,000 acres that Olympic Property Group has been helping the community conserve.

Contrary to the claims of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, the Mayor of Poulsbo and other organizations opposed to the Port Gamble project, the town’s redevelopment will not pollute Gamble Bay.  One of the cornerstones of the redevelopment is a new storm water treatment system that will give storm water runoff a level of quality far superior than Poulsbo, Suquamish or any other historic community in the Puget Sound region.

When Pope Resources entered into the voluntary clean-up of Gamble Bay in 2002, we did so with the understanding that we would be entitled under law to develop the town of Port Gamble under the 2000 zoning regulations. Since 2002, the company has spent millions of dollars voluntarily improving the health and quality of Gamble Bay and will continue to do so as we participate with the Department of Ecology in the ongoing clean-up.

We have been engaged in a public/private “partnership” with Kitsap Forest & Bay Coalition and its predecessors for the past six years.  It looks very promising that the public will end up with some significant open space it wouldn’t have otherwise had.

So far it is very difficult to see how OPG and Pope Resources have benefited in the pursuit of our economic goals.  This is both disappointing and unexpected given the potential positive economic and social outcomes associated with the town’s redevelopment and the minimal scale of our Port Gamble development.


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~ Jon Rose, President
Olympic Property Group
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