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October 17, 2012 -  10:28 am

The Port Gamble trails have reopened.

Olympic Resource Management (ORM), the subsidiary of Pope Resources that manages the company’s timberlands, announced today that all of the Hood Canal Tree Farm lands in Kitsap, Jefferson and Mason counties have reopened for public use, thanks to the recent fall rains in western Washington.

Port Gamble, trails, joggersThe company’s timberlands have been closed to public access since mid-September due to extreme fire danger. Pope Resources owns and manages nearly 71,000 acres on its Hood Canal Tree Farm in these three counties.

This is good news for the thousands of people who regularly use the company’s property for outdoor recreation. The network of nearly 50 miles of trails and logging roads that crisscross on the Gamble Block south of the town of Port Gamble is particularly popular with area hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, birders and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

The Hood Canal Tree Farm also is abundant with wildlife, making it popular this time of year with deer hunters. Modern firearms deer season opened Oct. 13 in Washington state and runs through the end of October for some species of deer. It’s important to note, however, that the Gamble Block is not open to hunters at any time.

October 5, 2012 -  10:27 am

Pope Resources will begin a scheduled timber harvest of approximately 72 acres of its timber lands in Kitsap County on Oct. 10.

The property is located in the north central section of the Gamble block just southwest of the town of Port Gamble and part of the 8,000 acres of land owned by Pope Resources in Kitsap County.

Initial timber falling will begin next week and company contractors also will construct about 1,000 feet of new spur roads to facilitate loading and processing of the fallen timber.

The harvest will last through mid-December. During that time, the harvest unit and some of the surrounding property and logging roads will be closed to public access for safety reasons.

Road closure and active logging signs will be posted at main access points to the harvest area during active logging operations.

All of Pope’s timberlands are managed on a sustainable yield basis. Each acre is harvested approximately every 50 years and then is replanted within two years following the harvest. The Douglas firs on this particular plot will constitute the third crop harvested and it was planted 46 years ago. The plot will be replanted in 2013.

Harvest schedule adjusted to minimize impact on public recreation

The harvest originally was scheduled for early November, but the time frame moved up in order to minimize the impact on the public’s recreational use of the property. All of Pope Resources’ timber lands in Kitsap, Jefferson and Mason counties have been closed since mid-September due to extreme fire danger and will remain closed until the region receives significant rainfall.

The block scheduled for the timber harvest is included in this closure and rather than re-opening it for public use and then closing it again for the harvest, the company decided to move forward with the scheduled harvest.

Like most of the land owned by Pope, this property has been available for public recreation activities such as hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and wildlife viewing. Continued public use of Pope’s lands will continue as long as the public usage does not cause harm to Pope’s property or interfere with tree farming operations.

Since late 2009 Pope has voluntarily refrained from scheduled timber harvests as Olympic Property Group, the company’s property development division, attempted to complete a sale of 7,000 acres as part of the North Kitsap Legacy Partnership (NKLP). NKLP has been dropped and Pope Resources has now granted Forterra, a land conservation organization, an 18-month option to purchase some or all of its property for conservation, recreation, and open space purposes. This harvest is consistent with the terms of the option agreement.

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~ Jon Rose, President
Olympic Property Group
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